Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Enough is enough. Seriously.

Starting with December 5th, I have been in the hospital four times for four different people.

My husband had a pretty serious car accident in December, in which my truck was totalled and he suffered a bit of mild head trauma...in that, he blacked out upon impact and has no memory of the accident whatsoever. Also, he called me three times to tell me that he had been in an accident and every time we spoke he thought he was calling me for the first time. Yup, scary stuff.

A couple of weeks later, his dad wound up having emergency quadruple bypass surgery - on Christmas Eve. Talk about stress at the holidays! He came through surgery with flying colors but obviously it was a scary time for him and for everyone.

About a month ago, Amanda started vomiting non-stop, to the point that she got so dehydrated that even water was coming back up. When I talked to the pediatrician's office, they informed me to get her to the ER immediately. Once there, they had to hook her up to an IV to get fluids back in her system. She is only three years old and this is the second time we've had to have her hooked up to an IV. It is awful; awful for her, awful for the parents. Just awful.

And then there is this past Sunday, when my father, out of nowhere, suffered a heart attack. With no history of heart trouble, with him being a relatively healthy and fit (if not underweight?) adult, this has come as such a shock to all of us. He had to have a stent placed to clear a blockage which caused the attack, and had a secondary procedure today to look for any additional blockages. He is doing much better and should be coming home tomorrow. But again, scary stuff.

So...I am just announcing here and now that I am done. I am done with my hospital quota, hopefully for the year. Hell, I'll take six months, I just think we all need a bit of a break from scary hospital stuff...don't you agree?