Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I just wrote a lengthy blog post, re-read it, and deleted it in its entirety. Because I can't seem to organize my thoughts in a logical way tonight, even though I have quite a lot to say.

So I am going to summarize, and hope to elaborate more when the brain is functioning better.

I have been having some problems, for quite some time, and have not been sure why. It only recently occurred to me what the root cause of my issue could be, and tonight I decided to go online and do some research.

And I am shocked at what I found.

Now, I realize that just because something is published on the internet that doesn't make it true. But, I also have a hard time arguing with the fact that when I googled, bing'd and yahoo'd my "issue," I found hundreds and hundreds of people out there in the same exact circumstances as myself.

I know I am being vague, but I need to be for the moment. But long story short, I was starting to wonder if "X" was causing "Y," and lo and behold have found example after example after example where this has been true for other people. Hundreds of examples after only a few hours of research.

I think I am on to something. Knowing the battle ahead is indeed half the battle.

Will be calling my doctor in the morning, armed with information. I am already feeling a bit of relief, knowing that I am closer to fixing what ails me.