Thursday, January 27, 2011


I've used this reference before and I will use it again, even though there are only a small handful of people that will get it.

I had a floor cake moment tonight.

It has been a week to forget. A week to erase, delete, and permanently remove from my memory. Forever.

I'm not coping well. When you are a forty year old woman, and your mom comes over to you to ask you a question and you look at her with tears streaming down your cheeks and tell her "I'm losing my mind, mom," it probably is true. Right?

Then again, if you are aware that you are losing your mind does that automatically mean that you are sane? The ability to see the reality of the situation, does that make you able to handle it? I don't think so.

I finished up a grueling 90 minute workout at the gym and needed electrolytes. I went over to the vending machine to get a G2 and when it fell to the retrieval bin it wedged itself in such a way that I couldn't get it out of the machine. After several attempts to reach in and get it failed, I began shaking the vending machine. And sobbing.

SOBBING. Over a freaking Gatorade.

I composed myself just in time for a gym employee to come over with a key and open the machine for me. I am sure he thinks I am insane, not because he saw me crying but because when he approached me I was hugging the vending machine.

Yup. Floor cake.

I need help.