Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I love Halloween. Truly love it. It is the dressing up part that I enjoy oh-so-very much. There is almost nothing I find more fun than putting on a costume and getting to be someone else for one night. But as I get older (and older and older and older) there are less opportunities for me to take part in Halloween costume fun.

So, I am going out on Friday night to see a couple of friends of mine at a bar, and I am thinking about dressing up. I asked them if they thought it was a good idea, and they said "no."

Really? I don't get it. It is Halloween weekend! Hell, I am thinking about wearing a costume to WORK on Friday! But my friends seem to think that no one else is going to be in costume Friday night....bummer.

I've gotten into trouble with this before. When I was in college, I had a part-time job in a large office with a lot of young, recent college grads. The atmosphere in my department was like one never-ending frat party. LOTS of fun. Not sure I slept much back then, if at all.

Anyways...one of my work friends was throwing a party at her apartment on Halloween night - which, this particular year, fell on a Saturday. The day of the party I still had NO IDEA what to dress up as. I went into my parent's garage and came across a giant roll of gold fabric. I was instantly inspired.

I drove over to Paperama in Norwood and found the rest of the materials I needed - Gold Metallic Rope, Black Sharpie Pens, and both Black and Gold make up.

King Tut.* Brilliant.

I painted my ENTIRE FACE gold, and used the black makeup to draw those bold eyes and eyebrows on my face. I draped gold fabric on me from head to toe, and even made a perfect Egyptian headdress. Steve Martin would have been proud. I tied my gold rope around my waist as a belt, and off I went to the party.

.......the Non-Costume Halloween Party. Clearly, no one told me this little tidbit.

I was pissed. I am pretty sure I even yelled at the hostess. "Who the hell has a Halloween Party ON HALLOWEEN with NO COSTUMES?" I kept shouting. I was so embarrassed. I was mostly embarrassed because there was a guy I worked with at the time that I had an ENORMOUS crush on....and OF COURSE he was there. In fact as soon as I walked in he said "Nice costume." UGH!!!!!!!

So....to dress up, or not to dress up? A question for the ages.

What is the worst than can happen?

*I have a picture of me in this ridiculous costume somewhere....if I can find it, I will post it....promise.