Wednesday, October 27, 2010


New York Marathon
You will be here in ten days
Makes me want to puke.

Verrazano Bridge
I'll be on the lower deck
Good, in case it rains!

November Seventh
Any chance that it could snow?
Because that would SUCK

I'm sick of training
I eat, sleep, live for this race
Can't end soon enough

I'm in the Green Wave
Bib will clash with my race shirt
Oh, the humanity!

Braids or ponytails?
It's the details that matter
(think I've lost my mind)

Staten Island, then
Brooklyn and Queens and the Bronx,
and then, Manhattan.

Forty-five thousand
That's quite a lot of runners

Just hope to finish,
it's all about the medal
(and a cool jacket!)

I am so convinced
That this running kills brain cells.
....what was I saying?

My damn bucket list!
This SEEMED like a good idea
Way back in April...