Thursday, September 02, 2010


I really need to talk for a moment about a bad relationship.


What if you have a relationship in your life that has been nothing but detrimental and negative? You would end the relationship, yes?

What if this relationship has existed for a long, long time? Does that have any bearing on whether you sever all ties?

What if this relationship has brought you nothing but pain, aggravation, grief and sadness?

What if this relationship is affecting you, in a very negative way, both physically and mentally?

What if the means to ending this relationship would be quite involved, very difficult, and potentially have a bad outcome?

And...what if this relationship has done nothing but fail you, over and over and over again, except for the one time that you really and truly needed them to come through for you? Would you feel eternally indebted and grateful, too much so to remove them from your life?

I've been in a very bad relationship for a very long time, and it is finally time for me to do something about it.

Today, I declared war, and I fired the first shot.

Stay tuned. the way....this "relationship" I speak of is not with a person.