Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So....this is what it is REALLY like to be "THE MOM." (side note: "THE MOM" is something I frequently refer to as "Bad Cop." As opposed to "Good Cop" Daddy who never says 'No' and never has to discipline, EVER. Once, JUST once, I would love to get to be "THE DAD").

You take your five year old daughter on a fun day trip into Boston - which she loves.

You take her to see "Toy Story 3" on Ice - which she loves.

You let her have whatever she wants for lunch - which she loves.

You buy her souvenirs, even after telling her you are not going to - which she loves.

You take her to visit her daddy at his office - which she loves.

You even take her to McDonald's on the way home - which she loves.


When you tell her to go back and wash her hands a second time, 'AND THIS TIME USE SOAP,' you are "THE MEANEST PERSON EVER!!!!" (Shouted through tears).


Is it possible for a five year old to be PMS-y? Jeez....