Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I think we tend to measure the moments of our lives by our successes and by our failures. More to the point, by those successes and failures that the world sees.

We see someone achieve a lifelong dream, and we congratulate them.

We see someone suffering a devastating loss, and we comfort them.

Life moments. The memorable incidents that the rest of the world shares with us, whether we want it to or not.

Isn't life so much more than that? What about the other 23 hours of a day, the other 364 days in each year that go unnoticed? Life moments are happening constantly, all around us, and are usually completely invisible. This doesn't mean they don't shape our lives profoundly. Just because a moment isn't in your face, pomp and circumstance, blood sweat and tears obvious, doesn't mean it cannot change a person forever.

The first time I ran one mile: life changing. The first time I had to care for my daughter's boo-boo: life changing. Ordinary occurences on ordinary days that shape our character at its core.

I survived today, a very ordinary Tuesday in May. To the rest of the world, not a big deal. To me, for my own reasons, extraordinary. Victorious, in fact.

Life's most important events happen every day. I'm grateful I've learned how to be tuned in to them. My life is so much more than the handful of big events the outside world has shared with me. My life is remarkable to me every day, and I am learning to measure it in both the big and small moments.