Monday, November 12, 2012


I can't help but worry, as my child approaches the ripe old age of seven, how many years we've got left of the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and (most of all) Santa Claus. First graders are still very young children, but now that my little girl attends school with second, third, fourth and fifth graders, it is in the back of my mind. I wonder if she will overhear a conversation between older kids. I wonder if another child will deliberately spoil it for those who still believe. I wonder when she will start to formulate her own doubts and start asking questions.

These things are out of my control. All I can do is hope for the best, and enjoy what few years we have left of the innocence.

...That being said, my precious girl gave me two very solid examples yesterday which prove that I will not have to worry about this for quite some time.

Example 1: She and I were watching the movie "Home Alone." Little Kevin approaches the store Santa and asks him to let the "real" Santa know that he doesn't want presents for Christmas this year, he just wants his family back. I see Amanda thinking real hard, and finally she says "So who IS that guy?" (pointing to the store Santa).

I ask her if she thinks it is possible for Santa to be at every single mall, at the same time, every day, all over the world, for kids to sit on his lap. She agreed that it would be near impossible. So I explain that he has helpers, just like elves, except that these helpers dress up like Santa and report back to him about all the kids they see. She agrees that this logically makes sense, and resumes watching the movie.

Five minutes later she turns to me in earnest and says "but WE always go to see the REAL Santa...right?"

I smile and tell her that I try to do my research every year so that we get to visit with the real one. This satisfies her...for a couple more minutes.

"Mom?" she says again. "Will you PLEASE make sure that we go to see the REAL Santa THIS year?"

Of course, I tell her "yes."

Example 2: Last year, Amanda asked for one of those "Easy" Buttons - the ones from the Staples store that say "That was easy!" when you push them.

So, she was writing out her Christmas list for Santa yesterday and she tells me that she is going to ask him for a "Hard" Button. "The button says 'hard,' and when you push it, it says 'That was hard!'"

I looked at her, puzzled, and said "I don't think they make those, honey."

She rolls her eyes at me and says "That is why I am asking SANTA for it, because he can MAKE it!"

Honestly.....what can you even say in response to that?