Friday, August 21, 2009


I started a post the other day, and never finished it. In fact, I never got too too far into it before I saved it as a draft and closed up the blog for the day. I was being a major cranky-pants and I am still not sure exactly why. I was grasping at various reasons why I was so grouchy, and even as the words appeared on the screen in front of me I knew it was just silly. There doesn't ALWAYS have to be a reason for everything - does there? Perhaps - and I know this is crazy talk - perhaps I was just in a BAD MOOD.

So I am at it again, updating tonight for no real reason other than total boredom. I am sitting at a window seat in Starbucks in Boston, the one on State Street just outside of Faneuil Hall, watching the people walk by. Great, GREAT spot for people watching. I am literally just killing time, waiting for my friend Rob to meet me here so that we can go have a few beers in one of the many watering holes in the area and watch the Red Sox / Yankees game. What began as an oppressively muggy Friday in the city has turned into an ominous, dark, foreboding evening. Hurricane Bill, or whatever remains there are of it, are headed this way. I think?

Perhaps this is not the best night to be going out for drinks?

They have already declared a tornado watch for the area just slightly north of where I live. Or maybe it is North and West. Not exactly sure, as I was working all day in the office and didn't really catch any news or weather reports.

I should be home, in bed. That is where I should be. I was extremely tired by the end of the day yesterday, and decided to cap off my evening with a glass of riesling, my current wine of choice. The idea was that the wine would only enhance my sleepy state, and would help lull me into a deep sleep. Maybe it was a bad idea. Maybe I shouldn't have had a second glass of wine. Maybe I shouldn't have had three coffees yesterday. But, for one reason or another, I tossed and turned ALL NIGHT LONG and managed to stay wide awake until 3:00AM. Which is not good when my alarm clock goes off at 4:45AM on Fridays.

In Boston by 7:00AM this morning. Over at the Starbucks in Southie on D Street, working, because I was the first one to the office and my key doesn't currently work in the lock. Full, long, reasonably busy work day, with a couple of odd twists and turns to keep me on my toes in my sleep deprived state. My parents, who were watching Amanda today, dropped her off at my building a little after 4:30PM on their way to their lake house for the weekend. Amanda came in for a little bit and entertained the few folks who were still there. She and I then drove over to South Station, where Anthony was waiting to take her home with him on the train. I just got an email from him as a matter of fact that they are out to dinner right now. That would be the third time this week that she has had dinner in a restaurant.

I left them, drove back to the office, forgetting that my key doesn't work. The cleaning guy was there, and was kind enough to let me in so that I could grab the rest of my belongings. Drove downtown, parked, and here I am.

Still waiting for Rob.

And I am TIRED as hell.

At this point, I think I need to congratulate myself on writing what might possibly be the world's most boring blog post EVER. Seriously, if you are still reading this I can only imagine that you are on the verge of hanging yourself just to make it stop.

Okay. I am calling Rob. This is getting silly.





I do have a story to tell, involving the ridiculous smoke detectors in my house (I know, I know, I have you on the EDGE OF YOUR SEAT now), but I think I am going to save it for another time.

Bottom line is, I should savor moments like this. I don't often just get handed a chunk of time to sit, think, blog, and have nothing to worry about. And I would savor it too, if I wasn't so damn tired.

Wow. This post really sucks. Probably time to quit before I make it any worse (not possible, I know).

Somewhat low key weekend ahead, which is nice. And, I am happy to report, the chances of my getting smacked with another fish this weekend are almost zero.

So, there's THAT at least.