Wednesday, October 14, 2009


My daughter absolutely cracks me up, all the time. Three (almost four) is SUCH a great age.

We were in the mall today, in a department store that was proudly displaying Christmas decorations. As we were riding on the DOWN escalator, Amanda loudly shouted "Bye, Christmas decorations!"

The woman on the escalator in front of us turned around to look at the source of the little voice, and exclaimed, "Oh, you are so cute. How old are you?"

"Three and a half, almost four," Amanda said proudly.

"Wow!" said the woman. "Are you getting ready for Christmas?"

Amanda, in a somewhat disgusted voice, said "Um, no, I am getting ready for PUMPKINS, it is almost Halloween."

The woman chuckled. "You are right, it IS almost Halloween."

To which Amanda replied, "Yeah...I know my stuff."